Sunday, 1 June 2014

Cara menggunakan Universal USB Installer

Universal USB Installer is a free and open source application for Windows that allows you to install any Linux on your Pendrive or USB drive.  After that you can boot from that Pendrive or you  can say that you have a portable Operating System in your pocket.
To create a portable OS you will need to have any version of Windows installed on your PC. Having an OS in your pocket looks really cool, you can boot from any PC and your customized OS would be in front of you. You can carry your files anywhere. The most promising feature of this tool is that if you don’t have the disk image of your Operating System, you can also download it directly from Internet. You can also create USB Windows 7 installer from this tool, all you need is the disk image of your favorite Operating System.

How to install Linux on your Pendrive

Here is the tutorial how to install any Linux on your Pendrive using a tool on Windows that is Universal USB installer.
  1. Run Universal USB Installer.
  2. Click on I agreeusb 1 400x308 Universal USB Installer: Install Linux operating system on a USB flash drive
  3. In the first drop down menu select the Operating System you would like to install. Here I have selected Ubuntu.
  4. From the “Browse” button locate the .iso file of the Operating System or mark the check box near it to download the .iso file.
  5. In the last drop down menu, select the Pendrive or other drive in which you would like to install Linux.
  6. When you select your device it will show a check box and a slider component.
  7. Check the box if you want to erase the contents of your device.
  8. From the slider select the persistent size of your drive.  Persistent means that how much space you want to be left for your files.usb 2 400x308 Universal USB Installer: Install Linux operating system on a USB flash drive
  9. Click create.
  10. After that a screen will appear click close and your portable OS in your USB device is ready.
Link : Download Disini

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